Own companies and organizations

2015 – currently
Company | n’OT | Global. Human. Environment (n´UNDO Technical office). Co-founder

2011 – currently
Organization | n’UNDO Co-founder with Alejandro del Castillo

2009 -11
Organization | Soukala. Co-founder

2004 -10
Architecture office | Batache, SCP. Co-funder with Esmeralda Conejo y Cristina Villamil

2004 -13
Architecture academy | Process for Project. Co-founder with Óscar Valero

Humanitarian work 

Consultancy | WaSH/IPC/Facilities COVID-19 expert. WHO Emergency Medical Team with UK-MED (UK-EMT).
Consultancy | WaSH/IPC/Facilities COVID-19 expert. UK-MED (DFID).
Consultancy | WaSH/IPC/Facilities Ebola expert Rwanda (Ebola preparedness). UK-MED (DFID)

Fieldwork | WASH, DR Congo (Ebola response). MSF – OCBA
Consultancy | WASH/IPC Ebola expert Rwanda (Ebola preparedness). UK-MED (DFID)
Consultancy | External evaluation WaSH. NCA Bangladesh program 2018-201in Cox´s Bazar. n´OT Global-Human -Environment (own office).
Technical report | Technical assistance for the implementation of reception centres for people in an emergency situation for Spanish Red Cross. n´OT Global-Human -Environment (own office).
External evaluation | HFHE (Habitat for Humanity) Emergency Response to Drought in Ethiopia 2016/2017. n´OT Global-Human -Environment (own office).

Consultancy  NCA Evaluation European Refugee Crisis 2015-2017| Serbia, Greece and Macedonia | n´OT Global-Human -Environment (own office)
Consultancy External Shelter Evaluation | ICF and ECHO Shelter chapter. n´OT Global-Human -Environment (own office)

Fieldwork | Delegate in Batanes, Philippines (Emergency after typhoon). Delegate with the Spanish Red Cross.

Fieldwork | Shelter Advisor in earthquake (Ecuador). ERU Delegate with Spanish Red Cross.
Consultant | Ebola Critical Review. EMC Design and Construction. Stockholm Evaluation Unit. MSF – OCB

Consultancy | Ebola Critic Review. Evaluation Consultant at Stockholm Evaluation Unit. Médecins Sans Frontières Belgium.
Fieldwork | WASH – Technical supervisor in Ebola Holding Centres in Koinadugu District (Sierra Leone). Delegate in emergency with Médicos del Mundo.

Fieldwork | Coordinator in the field of design and construction of Ebola Treatment Center for the IFRC in Kono (Sierra Leone). Delegate in emergency with the Spanish Red Cross.
Fieldwork | Coordinator in the field of design and construction of Ebola Holding Center for the IFRC mission in Koidu Hospital (Sierra Leone). Delegate in emergency with the Spanish Red Cross.
Fieldwork | Technical Coordinator in Kenema Ebola Treatment Center for the IFRC mission (Sierra Leone). Delegate in emergency with the Spanish Red Cross.
Design and set up the Simulation Center Ebola Treatment Center with Spanish Red Cross in El Plantío, Madrid.
Fieldwork | Coordinator in the field of design and construction of Ebola Treatment Center for the IFRC in Kenema (Sierra Leone). Delegate in emergency with the Spanish Red Cross.

Fieldwork | Expatriate in Nicaragua with Architects Without Borders. Project Coordinator on site: Improving socio-educational six rural communities in Santa Teresa de Carazo (Nicaragua).
Works: Construction of schools, dining rooms, and libraries for six communities. Construction of latrines and washing areas. Review of water catchment systems.

Fieldwork | Expatriate in South Sudan with the Jesuit Refugee Service.
Coordinator in the Department of Construction in the field of refugees and IDPs in Nimule (South Sudan).
Works: Construction of school. Masindi Primary School, Mugali Payam. Nimule.  Construction of school  Tiperi Primary School, Kajokeji Payam. Kajokeji.  Construction of lab. Loa Secondary School, Pagery Payam. Nimule. Rehabilitation of school. Nile Secondary School, Pageri Payam. Nimule. Support to the community for finish the school. Pageri Primary School, Pageri Payam. Nimule. Rehabilitation and improvement in the community buidings, -construction of VIP latrines (several schools). Installation of the Rain Harvest Water System (several schools).

Urban Planning and Architecture

2011- Currently
n’UNDO activity
n’OT | Global.Human.Environment activity

Freelance | Vsc.Arq. Col.15992 COAM. Design and construction projects.

Freelance | Batache ARCHITECTS. Building projects.

Collaboration | Construction – Rehabilitation – Exhibitions – Stands – Renovations.
Studies: Santos García – ATP Arquitectos – QVE Arquitectos – Arquitectos Ayala – LG Arquitectos MAROTO e IBAÑEZ – AA^MM – Aurora Herrera – Manuel Tages.

Contests and awards

2015      Gold medal of the Spanish Red Cross for the ERU team’s work in Ebola.
2014      Europan12. The adaptable city. Kalmar, Sweden. First prize.
2014      Europan12. The adaptable city. Don Benito, Spain. First prize.
2014      Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism Spain. n’UNDO Plan. Selected entry.
2013      Topias. Plan n’UNDO EME. Sant Andreu. Second prize.
2012      Draft Express. Proposal to the square of the Basilica, Madrid. First prize.
2012      BAM012. n’UNDO Plan for the Mediterranean. Second prize: Economy and territory.
2010      Triennial of Architecture of Lisbon. A house in Luanda, patio and pavilion.