Thesis | Emergency Architecture for Infectious Diseases. Critical Analysis and Comparative Study of the Infrastructures Built in Africa during the Ebola Crisis from 2014 to 2019. (Currently on the process of publication).

Guidelines & Technical reports

Guideline| Community Facilities for preparedness and response to CVID-19. Isolation, treatment, and step down of COVID-19 cases in community facilities. WHO / EMT. Co-Author. (Currently on the process of publication). 2020

Technical report | Technical specification for the implementation of reception centres for people in an emergency. For Spanish Red Cross and Government of Spain. Internal. 2019

Technical report | MSF Ebola Critical Review. EMC Design and Construction. Part I and II. Stockholm Evaluation Unit. MSF – OCB. Author. 2016

Guideline| Design and Construction of Ebola Treatment Centres. Spanish Red Cross. 2015. Co-Author.


Book | Desde la resta. From ISBN: 978-84-947523-4-6 | Editorial: dpr | December 2017 Ed. Dpr-Barcelona. Co-Author. 2016

Other publications

Chapter book | Intervention Strategies from the No Build, Minimisation, Reuse and dismantle. Book: Madrid, central issue. Autonomy and metropolitan region. Editors Julio Vinuesa and Jose María de la Riva. Co-Author. 2014

Post | Architecture and ebola. Blog Fundación Arquia 2019

Post | Resilencia y tifones. Blog Fundación Arquia 2017

Post | Arquitectura y terremotos. Blog Fundación Arquia 2017

Post | Vicente Patón, gracias. Blog Fundación Arquia 2016

Post | El urbanismo empieza ahora. Blog Fundación Arquia 2015

Post | La nota del PFC. Blog Fundación Arquia 2015

Post | Los mal llamados colectivos. Blog Fundación Arquia 2014

Post | ¿Cuánto cuesta el PFC?. Blog Fundación Arquia 2014

Publications with n´UNDO

Temporary Becoming Biennial Architecture. 2018

NO Arquine nº 80. 2017

El Algarrobico, the opportunity under the debris Industry and Environment. 2016

Alferrikako megaproiektuak: Egungo hirigintza-fenomenoaren definizioa (Unnecessary megaprojects: the definition of today’s urban phenomenon) Aldiri 23: Pribatu/Publiko. 2015

Unnecessary megaprojects: Rational and Sustainable Territory. 2015

Globalized Geopolitics: borders for people Archipills 8. 2015

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Babel: from the tribute to the masters to the anonymous authorship of the community. Transversal Landscape Blog. 2013

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La resta como proceso proyectual para la mejora del territorio y la ciudad (Subtraction as a project process for the mprovement of the territory and the city) EQUITY 2012

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Nothing is more _ building from renouncement FronteraD. 2012

Inelegant smart. Blog de Paisaje Transversal. 2012

Recovering old spaces or building new ones (Recovering old spaces or building new ones) Rational and Sustainable Territory Blog. 2012

The duty of architecture Blog of n’UNDO. 2011.