Research activity

Thesis (PhD)

Thesis| Emergency architecture for infectious diseases. Critical analysis and comparative study of the infrastructures built in Africa during the Ebola crisis from 2014 to 2019.

Universidad de Alacalá de Henares (Spain).
Tutor: Goycoolea Prado, Roberto
Reading date: 24/11/2020
Qualification: Excellent Cum Laude
Department: Architecture
Programme: Architecture (RD 99/2011)

Abstract: The Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) response requires, among other things, a number of specific infrastructures. Particularly since the 2014 West African crisis caused by an outbreak unprecedented in scope and context, new typologies have emerged in the affected countries, including Ebola Treatment Centres (ETCs). The implications and outcomes of the design and construction of these infrastructures are critical to ensuring the effectiveness and quality of the response to any EVD epidemic.
This research carries out a comparative study and critical analysis, from a design and construction viewpoint, of the infrastructures used in the response to the EVD epidemic, focusing specifically on Ebola Treatment Centres (ETCs). The study analyses in detail the most representative cases, evaluating the actions carried out by the different key actors and assessing the impact of design and construction on the response to the epidemic, and, from these data, produces a catalogue of technical guidelines and reference criteria for designing and constructing more suitable and efficient ETCs.
The study departs from the hypothesis that the appropriate design of ETCs substantially helps to achieve the priority objectives of the response by reducing the number of infections and ensuring both the dignity, conditions and best treatment of the patients as well as the safety of the medical staff.  Furthermore, a correct approach to the project and the construction of the ETCs allows for the optimisation of the resources (material, financial, human and time), guaranteeing effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability in the response.
The results obtained from the study show, first, that good practice in architecture is a basic tool for improving people’s lives when facing challenging circumstances, in this case in the context of combating an epidemic disease. Secondly, by carrying out a critical evaluation of what has been done, the study has been able to point out an important series of lessons learned and good practices in the matter. And finally, the analysis of the information collected during this crisis has permitted the study to propose a compendium of guidelines and strategies that can be used in the future for addressing new Ebola crises as well as other comparable infectious diseases, contributing overall to a broader awareness and a deeper reflection on the implications of design and construction in humanitarian emergencies.

Research projects

Article| Design and program of the refugee camps and their evolution over time. Directed by Dr Robert Goycoolea. UAH. 2013

Research| Water, sanitation, and hygiene, from emergence to the dismantling of refugee camps. Directed by Arch. Arantxa Osés. UAH. 2010

Field work| Study livability and practical Wash in the shantytown El Gallinero, Madrid. Practices at the Institute for Relocation and Social Integration (IRIS) of the Community of Madrid. 2012

Project| Model of seed low-cost housing in Luanda. Project selected in the Triennale Architect. Lisbon.2010

Project|An educational model for improvement and expansion of 19 schools in the region of Guera, Chad. Developed for ENTRECULTURAS in collaboration with ICHaB. Development of a model of ground school. Research and development. 2009

Field work| Arquitecturas Negras. Catalogación. Colaboración en la catalogación de10 pueblos de Guadalajara. Directed by. Luis Maldonado. 2005-06-07

Research groups

COOPUAH: Applied Research in Development Cooperation. University of Alcalá de Henares.


Communication and presentation | The design of refugee camps in humanitarian aid manuals. 3rd International Forum on Science anthropoid areas. School of Architecture, University of Alcalá. 2013

Presentation | Architect Experience in international cooperation. Technical School of Architecture of Madrid, UPM. 2012

Presentation| Ébola and university. University San Pablo-CEU.Madrid.

Lecture | Ebola and construction. UIC

Presentation | A refugee camp from the perspective of water, sanitation and hygiene. Course in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene in International Cooperation. Environmental Sciences, UAH

Presentation| Architects, working on International Cooperation. Experience in South Sudan.
School of Architecture of Madrid. The Polytechnic University of Madrid.

Presentation | Nicaragua: project in six ruralICHaB. The Polytechnic University of Madrid.

Presentation | Project to build schools in South Sudan. Course construction with low-cost materials. The Architecture University of Valencia.

Outreach with n´UNDO


Urbanising “a las bravas” Torroella, Girona. Life Pletera. 2018 | Open Reading of the manuscript in the corner of Shirin Salehi. Madrid. 2018 | Cartas a la Alcaldesa. Madrid. 2017 |MinimizAcción. How uselessness! EspeculAcciones. ETSAMadrid. 2014 | Cataloguing opportunities. Visibility of the Historical and Cultural Heritage Catalog. Los Molinos. Madrid. 2013 | Breakfast in Atocha. Atocha n’UNDO Plan. Madrid 2013 | Impertinences file. Mapping of leftover elements to improve the environment. V Architecture Festival. ETSA Coruña. 2012 | Starting again. Atocha n’UNDO Plan. Madrid. 2012 | Crossing action. Redistribution of pedestrian flows Atocha n’UNDO Plan. Madrid. 2012 | La colaguina de la fuente oscura. Visualization and urban recovery. Villarino de los Aires. Salamanca. Spain. 2012

Conferences – debates – round tables

Dismantlement as proposal Entropy of capital, degradation and power. Menéndez Pelayo University and Diputación of Huesca (Visiona Program). 2018 | Intervention strategies from No Construction. Summer course: Sustainability and territory: Impacts of environmental quality in the construction and reconstruction of urban landscapes. UPV-EHU. San Sebastián. 2018 | From subtraction ETSAB. University of the architecture of Barcelona. 2018 | From subtraction Bòlit, Contemporary Art Center. Girona. 2018 | n’UNDO. Congress Cuenca [ON]. Oficial Architects Association of Castilla La Mancha & Menéndez Pelayo University. Cuenca. Spain. 2018 | Inauguration Life Reusing Posidonia. Madrid. 2018 | n’UNDO, step to action Daetsam. ETSAM. Madrid. 2018 | Addressing the landscape from subtraction and renouncement. | Congress Undoing the territory. Landscape laboratory of Catalonia. Torroella, Girona. 2017 | Urbanism and Cartography Ubiquity urban lab. Madrid. 2017 | n’UNDO Urban Plans Oficial forum Habitat III. Quito, Ecuador. 2016 Pontifical University. Quito. Ecuador. 2016 | Emptiness and City Architecture biennial. Venice. Italy. 2016 | n’UNDO Plan | A new urban methodology Autonoma: International conference on urban autonomy and collective city. Athens. Greece. 2016 | About n’UNDO y n’Plans Congress Re-killing the urbanism. Association of Basque-Navarran architects and urban planners. Pamplona. 2016 | Subtraction and Urban Actions improving social life Canactions. Kyiv. 2015 | n’UNDO: modes to undo Master in City Sciences. ETSAM. Madrid. 2015 | n’UNDO: modes to undo Semana cultural Daetsam. ETSAM. Madrid. 2015 | n’mApp: mapping impertinences Ecología a debate. Medialab Prado. Madrid. 2015 | The periphery of Architecture. The reality of the Architect CEU University Monteprincipe. Madrid. 2015 | Public space and citizen participation. Interventions from the subtraction ETSAG. Granada. Spain. 2015 | Silence Builds CANactions Festival. Kyiv. Ukraine. 2014 | 11+1+1+1 Daetsam. ETSAM. Madrid. 2014 | Debate sessions on the General Plan of Alcalá. Mobility and public space UAH. Alcalá de Henares. Madrid. 2014 | Ethics and Sustainability Meets ASA MEYAAB. Madrid. 2014 | Mobility and Public space Debate sessions of the General Plan of Alcalá de Henares. 2014 | #ThinkingSol Ciudad Sensible. Valencia. 2014 | Europan12. Presentation of winning proposals Oficial architect’s Association of Catalonia. Barcelona. Spain. 2014 | House of Culture.Don Benito, Badajoz. Spain. 2014 | Council of Kalmar, Sweden. 2014 | Göteborg, Sweden. 2014 | Oficial architects association of Burgos. 2014 | Gallery Arquería de Nuevos Ministerios. Madrid. 2014 | Concurrences: emptiness, subtraction, and silence V Architecture Festival. ETSAC. Coruña. 2013 | Building from the renouncement Tabakalera, Architecture week of Donosti. 2013 | Open Madrid. Open architecture to the city. MediaLab Prado. Madrid. 2013 | Alternatives for social change Social&Social. Madrid. 2013 | Spanish architecture since the Civil War Club de Debates Urbanos. Madrid. 2013 | Sustainability, city and architecture EQUIciuDAD 2012. Donosti. 2012 | Otherworldly beings V Architecture Festival ETSAC. La Coruña. 2012 | International Architecture Festival EME3.COAC. Networks – processes – actions vol1. Barcelona. 2012 | Opportunity under debris. ETSAM. Organised by n´UNDO with Greenpeace. Madrid. 2012 | The relevance of Non-Construction, Minimization, Reuse and Dismantling CAMON space. Madrid. 2011 | No Construction, Minimization, Reuse and Dismantling Responsible Consumption Group. Hoyo de Manzanares. Madrid. 2011

Congresses – festivals

Festival of Spanish Architecture. Institute of Spanish Architecture. México. 2018 | Open House. Festival of Architecture and Design. Madrid. 2016-2017-2018 | Habitat III:  Housing and Sustainable Urban Development ONU. Quito. Ecuador. 2016 | Autonoma. International conference on urban autonomy and collective city. Athenes. Greece. 2016 | CANactions Festival Kyiv. Ukraine. 2014-2015 | Sensible City Valencia. Spain. 2014 | EME3_2013 Internacional Architecture Festival. Fabra i Coats. Barcelona. Spain. 2013 | FETSAC Architecture Festival Coruña. Spain. 2013 | Hondakin festival of creative reuse. From the debris. Bilbao. Spain. 2012 | EME3 2012 International Architecture Festival COAC. Barcelona. Spain. 2012 | International Festival of Art and Construction Salamanca. Spain. 2012 | III International Congress of Degrowth. Venice. Italy. 2012 | Bioarquitectura. BaM012 International. Barcelona. Spain. 2012


From subtraction. Architecture University of Barcelona – Bòlit, Contemporary Arts centre of Girona – the Architecture University of Granada – Oficial Architects Association of Madrid. 2018 | n’UNDO Alternative forum Habitat III. Organised by HIC Habitat International Coalition). Quito. Ecuador. 2016. | CANactions Festival. Silence Builds Kyiv. Ucrania. 2014 | XII Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism.Madrid. 2013 | Bauhaus Lab. Architecture After Speculation Dessau. Germany. 2013 | EME3 2013 Internacional Architecture Festival Fabra i Coats. Barcelona. 2013 | EME3 2012 International Architecture Festival COAC. Barcelona. 2012 | Shared creativity Cultural week. ETSAM. Madrid. 2012 | III International Congress of Degrowth. Degrowth in Architecture Venice. Italy. 2012


Europan12. The adaptive city. Kalmar, Sweden. First prize. 2014 | Europan12. The adaptive city. Don Benito, Spain. First prize. 2014 | Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism Spain. N’UNDO Plan. Selected entry. 2014 | Topias. Plan n’UNDO EME. Sant Andreu. Second prize. 2013 | Draft Express. Proposal to the square of the Basilica, Madrid. First prize. 2012 | BAM012. n’UNDO Plan for the Mediterranean. Second prize: Economy and territory. 2012

Jury of competitions

Felix Candela Award of Architecture. Festival of Spanish architecture. Mexico. 2018 | Youth competition. CANactions. Kyiv. Ukraine. 2015 | Youth competition. CANactions. Kyiv. Ukraine. 2014

Congress and competitions organized by n´UNDO

Congress Subtraction in the creative process. Organised by n’UNDO, November 2016. La Casa Encendida, Spain. 2016 | Re-Kyiv. Contest of urban plan. 2015 | Intervention at El Algarrobico beach, modes of (un)doing. Architecture contest. 2011



Master professorNew planning and design upgrading tools for infectious disease. With Professor Gonzalo Sánchez-Terán. Master´s International Cooperation: Sustainable Emergency Architecture. UIC. 2012- currently.

Postgraduate professorconstruction and civil engineering with basic materials. With Professor Carlos Sarmiento. Postgraduate Certificate Course in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene International Cooperation. UAH. 2013- currently.

Postgraduate professor| Infrastructures for infection diseases. Postgraduate Certificate Course of Cooperation for Development of Human Settlements in the Third World. UPM ICHaB – UNESCO Chair. 2012- currently.

Jury TFG| Jurado del Trabajo de fin de grado. Escuela de Arquitectura de Alicante. 2019

Visitor professor| Water, sanitation and hygiene. Curso de Acción Humanitaria en Salud. Granada. Escuela Andaluza de Salud Pública – AACI. 2019

Visitor professor| Wash in emergency. Curso de experto universitario. Fuden y Universidad Católica de Ávila 2017

Visitor professor| A refugee camp from the perspective of water, sanitation, and hygiene. Course in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene in International Cooperation. Environmental Sciences, UAH. 2011

Visitor professor| Architects, working on International Cooperation. Experience in South Sudan. ICHaB. School of Architecture of Madrid. The Polytechnic University of Madrid. 2012

Visitor professor| Nicaragua: project in six rural communities. On behalf of Architects Without Borders. ICHaB. School of Architecture of Madrid. The Polytechnic University of Madrid. 2010

Visitor professor| Basic Habitability and Auto-construction ETSASS. With SOUKALA association.

Visitor professor| Workshop. Auto-construction ETSAM. With SOUKALA association. 2010

Visitor professor | Workshop Days of Architecture and Cooperation ETSAV. With SOUKALA association. 2010

Visitor professor| Technological innovations. Guest teachers. Directed by Alberto Alarcón. UAH. University of Alcalá de Henares. 2012

Out of the university

Academy director| CuatroEscalones. Tutorials and Projects Architecture. With Oscar Valero. 2007-2013

Teacher| Studio 10. Project Analysis and Professor of Architecture. 2000-2004

Teaching with n´UNDO

Visitor professor | Subtraction and dismantling. Subject: Technological Innovations, directed by Alberto Alarcón. The University of Alcalá. 2013

Visitor professor| Universal accessibility in urban environments. University of Alcalá de Henares. 2015-2016-2017

Visitor professor| Monographic of projects. Guest teachers. Directed by José María Romero. ETSAG. The University of Granada. Spain. 2014

Visitor professor| Rethinking Tourism Analogous Cities: the city of vacations. Unit Ruiz Cabrero + Soto. ETSAM. UPM. 2015

Visitor professor| ETSAM. UPM. Polytechnic University of Madrid. 2014-2016

Visitor professor| Silence Builds. Guest teachers. Kiev. Ukraine. 2014-2015

Visitor professor| Modes of (un)doing architecture. Unit Espegel. ETSAM. UPM. 2013

Visitor professor| Architecture week. Directed by Raquel Martínez. URJC. Rey Juan Carlos University. 2013

Visitor professor| REDES-DAI. Guest teachers. Directed by Atxu Amann. ETSAM. UPM. 2012-2013

Workshop| “Architecture and Degrowth”. La Casa Encendida, Madrid

Workshop| Origens Students association. ETSA-US. University of Architecture of Seville.2017

Workshop| Void, substraction and silence. The pertinence of sustraction and renouncement in the design process. Athens Programme. ETSAM. UPM. 2015

Workshop| Silence in the city. Festival of Spanish architecture. Mexico. 2018

Workshop| Enjoying the plaza in Guadalupe Guadalupe, Cáceres. Spain. 2018

Workshop| Wanting to project in the city Connecting cities. Medialab. Madrid. 2016

Workshop| Building from Renouncement Kiev. Ukraine. 2014-2015

Workshop| Bollarding Sant Andreu. 2013

Workshop| Mapping opportunities. Los Molinos, Madrid. Spain. 2013

Workshop| Market for sale. La Cebada Market. Organizado por Arquitectos Sin Fronteras. Madrid. 2013

Workshop| Atocha n’UNDO Plan. Madrid, Spain. 2013

Workshop| Research Laboratory. Dessau. Germany. 2013

Workshop| Decrease in Architecture. Italy. 2012

Workshop| Impertinences file. Mapping of leftover elements to improve the environment Festival of Architecture. University of Architecture of La Coruña. Spain. 2012

Workshop| Nothing is more. IFAC Festival. Villarino de los Aires. Salamanca. 2012